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I’m a Work in Progress

Last night I spent a bunch of time on a painting and it still doesn’t look great. It needs a lot more work. After hours of painting (and binge-watching Netflix), the progress is barely noticeable…

Thankfully, I’ve started tracking the progress of my paintings through pictures to reassure myself there is an improvement

Hmmm…ok maybe I did make progress yesterday…

If I compare this to last week, I am most definitely making progress!

When you are to close it is hard to see progress.

Right now life is hard. It seems like it's always been hard. I don't think I have ever been a blissful person.

I am the crazy person thrashing around in a riptide despite being told to stay calm to conserve your energy and then swim parallel to the shore.

Riptides don't pull you under the water. You only drown when you don't have the energy to keep yourself afloat anymore. So I need to focus on keeping myself afloat and get back to shore…

"They," say we learn important life lessons during difficult times. I am caught in a riptide and about to get super-smart (assuming I don't drown)!

Instead of measuring how far I am from some vague goal of achieving bliss, I will take snapshots of my progress through a blog and share my tumble into bliss.

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